working really hard? really?

Now, it’ll be obvious that pareto diagram is my favorite tool.

This I did about a year a go.

Most of the times, I thought I have been working really hard. Spending many hours in office, meeting, travelling, doing analysis and writing reports.

But many times, I did not feel right because the impact from my priority projects and activities were not as good as expected.

Hence, for the sake of curiosity (and a bit insanity), I tracked my own time spending for ALL my activities in a week. And this is the result*

Focus & act on what matters you the most is the key for winning. But, this common sense is not common practice. As you see, I spent too much on irrelevant meetings and reading/responding too many emails (anyone with me?)


* Here’s how I made the diagram:

1. I listed my top 3 priority for the week:

First: Project Tristar (not the real name), “the most important project of the century”, according to my boss.

Second: Cost Reduction project: recently the most popular project everywhere in the world, I think.

Third: Coached underperforming team members

2. Tracked the actual time of each project this week. Includes everything such as discussion, writing email, meeting. If the discussion/meeting is related to your project, put into the project allocation. Otherwise, put into irrelevant meeting, or irrelevant email.

3. Put the data into pareto diagram

3 Responses to working really hard? really?

  1. […] simple pareto diagram like this helped me to visually see the actual time spent (the example on the link is not exactly the one I […]

  2. No many will use this simple to make better decision.
    Well done, at least you are using it.

  3. Ganesh, the issue with many people and organization is we tend to forget some basic and useful tools freely available. In addition, people does not really like simple tool and common sense…

    And that’s one one my goal in life, to make common sense also common practice 🙂

    Thanks for the visit and appreciation

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