picking the best option

In 2005, I faced a situation to decide which path (job)  I need to choose.

Stay or move on? To which company? Company A or B?

If you have been in this situation, you know what I mean. It’s tough

Staying means feeling secure, I know people and how things work but not sure whether it’s the best for the future. Moving to Company A, give me just OK (not great) salary no guaranteed job security, but the job type is just perfect for me and family in term of time flexibility. Company B seem to have  people who are  just right for me. The salary was much better but a lot of travelling.

Which one to choose?

Rather than overloading my brain, I used a decision matrix to find the optimum solution. Might not perfect but it gave me a visual tool to think more structured. Below is what my decision matrix.

If you are not familiar with this kind of matrix, here are the steps to make one:

  1. List all of your critical factors in deciding a job, in my case: match my passion, the compensation & benefit, quality time with family, and so on.
  2. Give weight for each of the factor, the more important the factor, the higher the weight. Total weight should be 100.
  3. Score each of the option according to each factor. Might not need to be precise, the most important thing is the comparative scores among the options.
  4. Total score = cumulative of (weight x score for each factor).
  5. The highest score is your optimum option.
  6. Use your heart and common sense, does it feel right?
  7. If yes, take the offer.

notes – for singles out there, you can use this tool  if you have too many options to find the perfect one

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