simple, not simplistic

I am a fan of simple solution, but NOT simplistic one.

Simplistic means oversimplification of a problem (without deep understanding of more data/facts), taking the most “obvious” solution, taking shortcut and the fastest result. For instance, in simplistic solution, if you cannot sleep for more than 2 nites you are taking some sleeping pills to help you. That’s simplistic.

Simple means taking the uncomplicated solution based on understanding of the facts and data. Uncomplicated means you don’t need the 100% accuracy for solving all the issues but focus on critical few over the trivial many; hence, the 80/20 rule. In the case of you cannot sleep, you will try to collect info/facts on why you cannot sleep (may need an experience people/doctor).  Your root causes could be:

a. stress from office workload

b. taking too much nap during the day

c. your husband is snoring*

In simple solution, you need to take care whichever the real problem is. In either case, none of taking any sleeping pill will help. In fact, that solution can bring more harm because not only it hides you from the real root cause but also it will create another problem such as addiction.

This is quite common sense, but the issue is many big issue comes from this simple thing.

I’ll show you in my next post.


if the real cause is because your husband is snoring while sleeping, the solution is not kick him out of the house. That’s simplistic:). The simple solution can be just using a pair of earplug?

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