80/20 rule, around you

you use less than 20% of  the buttons on your TV’s remote control more than 80% of the time

at the same time, you use only less than 20% of your BlackBerry/iPhone features for more than 80% of your time

20% of your customers, contributes more than 80% profit

now the extreme  one (everybody knows it, anyway)

less than 20% of Indonesian population owns more than 80% of the wealth

and i really like this…

the very minimum efforts (less than 20% of your energy) which can contribute very big (> 80%) to your peformance are SMILE and say “THANK YOU”


sorry, no data… just a general observation. the only think that i can confirm is the 20% customers who contributes to 80% profit. I’ve seen it couple times

Richard Koch writes a good book on this, titled The 80/20 Principle

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