the (near) future of office and working in jakarta

if you are tired with the picture and headline, here is my thinking

forget about the government

this is for you, employees, entrepreneurs, managers, CEO, etc, to think and act

I am not talking about MRT or any transportation/infrastructure investment, I am talking about breaking the old paradigm of WORKING and OFFICE

1. Encourage virtual office

I know that today many people in Jakarta (especially in managerial roles) currently have been carrying their laptops everywhere they go. They bring a small device (“VPN token”) to connect with their office network. Many companies have their web-based email, web-based approval process, push email, etc.

So, why go to office everyday?

Make it 3x week (or less) for  actually and physically going to office

In addition, with the BlackBerry and the upcoming hype in tablets (iPad, Samsung, and co), the collaboration media is not limited to only laptop/PC. We are already so good in using them for fun, let’s use ’em for some real stuffs.

Go to office only when there is a strong need to meet. Read Seth Godin’s blog on how to make the meeting more expensive but more effective

Virtual office and working from home are  simple idea which will help many things, especially if we focus on significant impact rather than attendance/compliance

2. Move out from Sudirman-Kuningan area to somewhere with direct access to Jakarta Outer Ring Road (JORR)

For functions which cannot be done virtually/remotely (operations, call centers, etc), I recommend to start searching places near the JORR such as Cilandak (TB Simatupang), or Bintaro, or BSD (notes – I am bias on this, all of them are my preferences…)

Many companies have moved to Cilandak area, some call centers are set in Pondok Indah area. That’s good. The key idea is to distribute the traffic jam nodes to Jakarta Ring Road, so the flow will move better rather than locked by Semanggi junction or Casablanca

I have known an analysis that moving an office from Sudirman to an area such as TB. Simatupang is actually more expensive vs status quo. That is when we look at only one cost parameter (for instance building rental cost saving vs. the cost to moving the technology infratstructure). We need to look at the TOTAL cost. The time, the fuel, the depression….

3. Start with your influence circle

I know many of you can influence the decision making process on no 1 & 2

do it

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