the hedonic treadmill

have you ever wanted a gadget (like iPad) so bad, but when you finally bought it, the excitement was only lasted for couple days?

have you ever REALLY wanted to have that pair of sexy shoes or LV bag; and again, you bought it and the pleasure was faded only in a day?

have you ever REALLY REALLY wanted to get promoted, but when it happened, your joy ended in hours (right after you treat your friends)?

Dan Ariely said in his book, the upside of irrationality, that human is generally has a tendency to overrate their happiness when they want something. Genetically and part of our survival skill, human has a great skill in adaptation. When it comes to happiness, human usually forgot about this adaptation factor and thought the excitement will last forever.

so, just like all things as gadget, shoe, jobs, salary,promotion, relationship, everything will fade away; not only because the things worn out, but mainly because WE grow accustomed to it.

failed to realize this, we will trap in the hedonic treadmill (actually, we are)

we always look for something to make us happy; we are in the pursuit of running after something to be happy but always forgot “how short-lived this happiness will be” – quoted directly from Ariely.

we will be busy running for happiness but the truth is we are running at the same place.

going nowhere.

and that is the new cute thing (or person) will make us happy tomorrow?

to overcome this, i’ll recommend you to read the book..(ahahaha) but the first step is just to be aware of the hedonic treadmill

this is the clutter of your life. this makes your life complicated

simplify it




on the other side, human also has a tendency to forget the great adaptation skill when they experience a bad situation.

many people who broke a relationship or losing a good job, at one point of their life, thought that their life will be miserable forever. the truth is, they will be just fine…

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