the two great Ed in my life (and the coming of the third Ed)

there are two Ed who have great influences to me. Both are very different in personality (I guess) but they have similarity in the sense of how I could not remember a day in the last 10 years without thinking anyone of them (actually, for the one Ed, this year is exactly 20 years I have known him – in voices and pictures).

the first Ed is W. Edwards Deming, whose principle in System of Profound Knowledge has become my generator of my passion in process improvement (in which I’ve chosen to become my career, not just a job ). His principle and thinking are beyond the age (only compete with Peter Drucker, I think) and it is more relevant today compared to  the 1950s when he taught Japanese engineers and executives the first time. His tangible legacy would be Japan’s leading companies today.

the second Ed is Eddie Vedder, the lead singer of Pearl Jam. The band whose music, lyrics, idealism and independence have determined the path I decide to take as a grown up. I put more respects to Pearl Jam  vs.  all religious leaders in my country, if I may show you how I put them in my heart. This band has never failed to make me stand up whenever I got knocked down by any situation.

Now, I have the third Ed, who will be the greatest Ed of all…for me and family

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