pearl jam, Indonesia is ready for you

August 20, 2011

a love letter to pearl jam

i understand if you are not ready (yet) to play in Indonesia. i understand that could be because of many factors: economics, financials, politics, security, and else.
we, the fans in Indonesia, understand that.
“it’s ok”, “the kids are alright”…:)


what we could not accept is if Indonesia is not a part of PJ20 screening event. That is just unacceptable, especially since there are 4 screenings in Singapore. The fans base in Indonesia is waaayy much bigger than Singapore…:)

on behalf of the fans in Indonesia, I want the band,  the management & 10c management, to know that Indonesia is ready.

Some of us here have been contacting Vinyl Records and local importer/distributor and cinema networks. We are building options of screening events here, even not knowing (yet) whether we can get a copy.

In short, we are ready.

ps. In case  you don’t know, there are at least 2 online petitions begging Pearl Jam to play in Indonesia. One on petition online dot com (6  years old) and on Facebook. Since Pearl Jam -the band- has not yet come, at least send us the PJ20 -the movie- a copy.