among Ariel, Gayus, Bibit-Chandra, “Terrorists”, Illegal Logging…which should be prioritized the highest?

June 30, 2010

Call me nuts.

But I’ve read enough Ariel case and Gayus case recently and a question came up in my mind; should these two cases worth the high attention of the law enforcement body?

Before I go further, I must remind all of us  the two rules about life:

  1. It ‘s  always easier being a commentator (like all the football commentators), sit and watch from outside (like us yelled at Rooney), or complaining from the back seat (me to any taxi driver).
  2. Problems are always a lot more than the people who handle it; resources are always limited and expensive. Picking the critical few is the most important. Is it easy? (Answer: No).

Anyway, I spent some time to figure out what matter most for the current SBY administration. I found what should be the government’s Top 15. This is critical to determine what’s important and what less important.

What we should do is to measure the cases most covered nowadays (Ariel case, Gayus case, Bibit-Candra case, “terrorist” like  Azhari, Nordin Top & co, and illegal logging) against the government’s Top 15.

So, if I am the law enforcement institution and have to make priority aligned with the chief executive, these will be the priority:

  1. Illegal logging
  2. Gayus case
  3. Terrorist
  4. Bibit-Candra

Ariel? well…it does not even worth a priority at least at national level, give it to lower institution. As the Top15 mandated, there are just too many more important things which worth the attention and benefit for majority of the tax payers.

How I choose the priority? Here it is:


1. The prioritization here is just a personal view. In reality, take many people to put the weight and an agreed score for each column. However, the principle is we should always put all the issues against what matter most for our nation (represented by the Top 15).

2. The highest priority should be something that are related to  the top priority (eradication of “mafia law”) or issues which related to many priorities. For instance, the illegal logging case become critical because it relates to mafia law, electricity, food, and disaster