to-do list & NOT to-do list

while making a to-do list becomes habit for many of us,

please start to make a NOT to-do list


NOT to-do list is a list of activities which deviate you from the path to your goal

for instance, on my NOT to-do list

  • excessive meetings (or joining a pointless meeting)
  • arguing without data/facts/logical base
  • stuck in traffic
  • worry
  • impulsive shopping (yeah, happens to men too)

2 Responses to to-do list & NOT to-do list

  1. haha i guess you got the list of not to do list after coming up with pareto chart. Well used. 🙂

  2. Hi Ganesh, yes you are right. I used a simple pareto to see my time spent vs. my goal…:) need to use my time better!

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